Simple ideas just work better

April 77's new collection is lovely as always, very simple and clean.
The collection titled "
The Apollo Program Was A Hoax" was designed in this spirit - said the April77 team.
The Apollo Program Was A Hoax is a song title by the Swedish hardcore punk band Refused that draws its inspiration from the writer Bill Kaysing. Mr. Kaysing is best known for claiming that the six Apollo moon landings between July 1969 and December 1972 were hoaxes and therefore regarded as the instigator of the moon landing conspiracy movement.

The look book presentation was also very nature driven which I naturally love.... the clothes look really good too in the light they used which is probably the most important thing for the image of the label.

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daniel said...

Oh man - i kinda wish i hadn't seen that. Those photos in the outdoors with the smoke are just like an image i had in my head for a shoot next week. Now it'll look like i'm just ripping that look off. Hmm... got to mix my idea up a little more.

But they are nice pictures.