About A Son is so brilliant

Kurt Cobain by Charles Peterson
I have been wanting to watch this film for as long as I can remember reading about it.... The Nirvana story is just one of those things that never really gets locked away, everyone knows about it but it just seems like a never ending tale. This is the first film I have seen that is not strongly focused on the visual representation of Kurt Cobain and his life being dissected by music experts. The interviews were conducted by music journalist Michael Azerrad the Author of "come as you are: the story of Nirvana".

The premise of the film is based on 25 hours of previously unheard audiotaped interviews with Cobain, the story of Cobain recounts his life from childhood to adolescence to his days of explosive fame, the interview sound bytes are complemented by a series of beautifully candid but ordinary looking photos to visually represent his story. The film gives you a vivid insight into the psyche of Cobain and a very intimate portrait of an unique individual that most journalists have never really had the chance to portray. All the music photography were shot by Charles Peterson, the legendary music photographer of the 90s. He captured the punk scene super intimately and his work is really inspiring to me.

This film is dynamite quality, it is really sad but it is a must see for any Nirvana fan!

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