What does your profile look like in numbers?

I was talking to Dan earlier today and he told me about this website.

“Where a human is reduced to data, data is converted to values, values are transformed into art.”

I don't know too much about the project but I find the whole experience quite novel and interesting.
I like the interactive experience with the ordinary data being transformed into a piece of art is an unique concept. Art is always more interesting to me, when it can response to user participation. That is probably what draws me to digital art installations, they are really well thought out and when it is done meticulously with an original concept... it is mind blowing.

Also the statistical nature of the whole computing generation of my personal profile reminds me of the Mos Def track "Mathematics"

It certainly looks the project is successful in reducing humans into data points and transform it into a work of art.
Give your profile a go with
myDate = myMondrian!

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