This is serious sad. Why is it more depressing when young people die.... death is sad regardless of age but perhaps it is just more tragic when there is so much more potential for them to grow. Case in point artists such as Dash is kind of inevitable but still distressing to individuals whom have been exposed to his work.

I have know about him for a while from my graffiti friends and my mate Will passed on the New York Mag piece to me, which had given me and a lot of other people a much better understanding on how Dash Snow lives and works, it is basically a glimpse of the chaos that is Dash's lifestyle.

Words can't really describe how his work has influenced me.
They are often deem as low brow and unworthy or too hardcore to be displayed in galleries.
I can't say all his work is pure genius but it is just refreshing to see his ideas are so honest and he shows a lifestyle that most people will never experience so I guess that is what draws me to him as an artist.

RIP DASH SNOW. you will be missed.

Epicly Later'd made a splash page for Dash, this is for the side of Dash that most people will not get to see.

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