How I miss thy health

WOW this photo is amazing and it feels like my chest at the moment.
It really hurts.
I haven't felt this bad in months and I haven't even been partying like a reckless teenager.
Deep down I knew I have been working like a mad man for months now and my body had been given me all kinds of shitty signs and I ought to listen to it once in a while and take a break.
My original plans of taking a week off did not actually happen as I had imagined. I just wanted to chill and skate...catch up on my many purchased zines and get some new books and draw a little you know?

So the weekend before last... right after I had checked out Black and Blue and dinner at Shakey's then I headed to the MJ party at Drummond's where I had sensibly left early trying to give my body a break. I was in bed by 12, I was sure I was ready to have a big weekend after that good night's rest.
I woke up on Saturday feeling woozy and before i knew it I had been in bed for 4 days and took the rest of the week off work.

Today I felt like my inbox just virtually attacked me..... how does one receive so many emails?!
I love not getting work emails, it is just blissful and missing out work is just painful to my eyes and my wallet bleergh.
Cough I beg you to leave me soon. x

So this is partly the reason I haven't been able to blog as much lately.
I really ought to try to catch up.
Stay in touch soon.

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