Ed Templeton via ESPN

I haven't been on Monster Children in ages but they sent out an email notifying me the photo issue will be released tomorrow @the MC Gallery so I jumped onto their site and had a play. From digging through the old posts, I discovered this lovely feature on Ed Templeton by ESPN. I had already read quite a lot about Ed and his art career. His books are pretty nice, they look like a home made zine in layout but the pages are printed on decent quality paper stock and binded properly so the aesthetic of a skate journal still resonates through his words and imagery. And of course Aaron Rose is also interviewed by ESPN and talks about Ed's journey into the fine art world from being a young pro to his reputation as an artist today. 

If you like skating and art culture, jump on to the ESPN page and listen to what Ed and his friends have to say about how he got to where he is today. It is thoroughly enjoyable. 

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