Backpack Dilemmassssss

I am a total sucker for editorials.
I was going through the Monster Children photo issue over the weekend. Then this one shot of a Burton camera backpack caught my eye. Which has indirectly prompted me to think about investing in a camera backpack (the thought has been with me subconsciously for a while now since my days of assisting)
It feels way more sensible to get a bag with proper compartments rather than lugging gear around in 2 soft cases in my skateboard backpacks.

More importantly it will just be a hell a lot easy to travel with all my gear without trying to travel lightly.
It will be nice to have all my lens rather than my light ones, which is what I tend to do.
So it is time for me to put on my thinking cap and see which one feels more comfortable.

I like the idea of the Burton bag, because most people don't know what I have in the bag.
Whereas with the Lowepro bag, most photographers that I have assisted for owns one because it can basically fit their life into it and it is very comfy and large. You kind of lose the mystery though with Lowepro, everyone knows you are a photog when you rock one of those and I am not sure how I feel about that....

decisions decisions...

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Joel said...

Go the Crumpler Whiskey + Cox mate!