A night like no other

It hailed, it poured but the party must go on since the generator and tents are already set up. I went to see the Lion kids at Annandale.

The weather was surely doubtful for a long night but having some thai for dinner made me feel a little more at ease with the gloomy outlook. I was totally stoked for the late night beach party. There were so many kids planning to get loose at this gig... To add a little bit more spice to my life, Sweetie decided to lead me on to go for a slightly more adventurous detour to see some sick humbros with their fast and furious cars but at least we arrived (belated as it may since most people were fashionably late or rather enjoying the Finest late night public transport Sydney had to offer) at the amazing beach set up.

Thanks to everyone who put on the party at such an unlikely time for a beach soiree. Hooray for wet sand and friends!

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