Once upon a time. When I was a lil grom.... I went over to LA with my moms, where I was a massive sneaker head....purely for the love of sports not really about styles and such.

Mom had picked out these Reebok blacktops (they were ridiculously cheap at the time I believe), the kicks were always too big for me and it still baffles me how elders can justified getting clothes/shoes that is way too big for you as a kid and you will somehow grow into it (...in time they say).
The sneakers have been with me for almost as long as I have been in Oz (13years)... I have never worn them, I didn't really like the look of them and the color was not what I would normally pull off - grey sneakers.... are a tad tricky.

So last year I rediscover them in my wardrobe, where they were sitting lonely in the corner, I picked up some paint brushes and painted sections of the shoe white, but I abandoned the project shortly when I started doing some canvases and boards for friends' birthdays. Yes I have a very short attention span sometimes.... I finally repainted the shoe last week, eager to finally wear them because they fit snugly now. I added a layer of black over the previously white sections and I found some fat red laces that I bought in HK, I chucked them on the now blackish shoe, the red was a bit strong so I added dashes of black on the lace to soften them up a bit.

The new blacktops were looking pretty neat and I think I'd be proud to rock them.
I wore them for about 2 hours before the left shoe decided to degenerate on me..... I was soooooo BUMMED, because now I am shoeless and I was about to head out for dinner and party with some mates, so a drive home later - I decided from now on, I will always travel with 2 pairs of kicks just for back up purposes... at least thats what my girl friends say they do all the time. Oh how I am always in awe of females' logic for good reason.

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