A Halloween by Duke Mag

Friday was really insane, my body was thoroughly exhausted after the weekend naturally.

It seems like anyone and everyone wanted to have a party in the spirit of Halloween, I ended up at 4 parties on Friday and most of my friends slept till late Saturday evening before venturing out once again.
Halloween is a bit of a strange concept since it is the one time in a year where you can look totally skanky or plain ridiculous and not get criticised because it is Halloween after all.

Duke Mag had organized a serial killers theme for their Halloween party at Louie’s, it is a small warehouse garage like space. It is a perfect and often home to many indie psychedelic band shows. With an expectedly massive turn out (Thanks to Facebook events and people telling their friends), Louie’s seem to be rather tiny for the event, so the fancy dressers had to flow onto the rest of Murray st to get their drink and silly mood on for the rest of the night.

More silly snaps below...

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