Numskull takes over MTV gallery

Last week was a super busy week. Work work and so much more work. It is true, advertising never sleeps.

I went to the Moonlight cinemas launch on Thursday night to see Woody Allen's new film "Vicky Cristina Barcelona"
Oh I love Woody Allen and it was a pretty entertaining film especially with the open space moonlight vibe, it was a sweet non boozy night. Before the film, I went to a friend's housewarming at Potts Point where I ran into Numskull and he reminded me of his new solo show at MTV, which is how I made myself come out even though I was ready for a super early night for a super long location shoot at Bondi on Saturday for a Grazia UK story.

Super Nothing Maybe Never! is the name of the show. For those who do no know Numskull is famous for his epic mashes of text and pop figures, the latest exhibition features a new series of paintings on canvas and wood which explore love, hate, mystery, fantasy and false heroes that dominate the airspace via corporate advertising.

It is apparent that growing up in the suburbs and weekend travels with a skateboard to the city dominated by billboards and advertising scape, Numskull's psyche has permanently been wired to these iconic imagery. Like the rest of us, it is perhaps a condition that we have learnt to live with, like it is a form of external wallpaper that gets renewed every so often, as one campaign ends and another goes up...a bit like pretty weeds produced by commercial art teams.

Having grown up on a healthy diet of comics and cartoons myself - I definitely appreciate Numskull's artistic direction, he draws from similar comic references and a love of graffiti and signwriting to create original and often controversial pieces by stencil and paintbrush.

Trivia Fact: Numskull is a full-time artist based at World's End Studio in Sydney, Australia, he has held numerous solo and group exhibitions; his work has featured in a number of magazines and books worldwide and he has collaborated with Mambo, Von Zipper french label Sixpack. Most recently he has done a mural at wall of the Sydney creative shop

For more info: check out
NUMSKULL's website
5th - 10th of December 2008 /Gallery hours: 12-3pm
Opening night:
5 December 6-9pm, MTV Gallery
4 Yurong Street East Sydney

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