Oh Lovers

I was out in the Cross over the weekend.
Trust me it was not a usual hang out and it always scares me to get to that fringe of town.
However, I did run into 2 old friends who happened to be dating.
The lovely Kimmie and Pat (who also shoots for Hobogestapo)

Since we haven't hug out in ages, after numerous group hugs, they invited me to candy's since Pat was due to shoot a few people inside.
I always have a funny idea of what love is, especially in a today's terms where twitter rules over blogs and facebook friendships means less than trading forex futures in the current finance conditions. Let's just say love is a term loosely applied.

From what I observed....this is what I gathered....
Love is going to a club you don't actually like because your boy is working
Love is getting free entry and bouncers know your name and offer you free drinks
Love is drinking Carlton draughts to cool off in the club, because they are free and they work to get you loose.
Love is subtle matching outfits that would keep people guessing whether you are lovers or just close friends
Love is sharing moments of ecstacy and not care about what is happening around you
Love is being there with each other no matter how sweaty the people are around you.

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