House parties are way more fun

Even when the party theme is a little bit questionable.
My friends were throwing a white supemacy as a joke (of course).
I was struggling for looks, so I revisited Larry Clark's 90s film "KIDS" which is pretty much the epitome of white street kid culture, it is not Hitler but the life of a kid in NYC is pretty confronting.

We took over little Riley St to have the shindig. It felt like half of the Surry hills ended up in the lane way...

Annie ended up taking me into Bandits.
It was a bad idea.... I was already so delirious when we all got kicked out of the house.
My mind felt like a non nonsensical art house film where the sequence of frames were out of whack to play with the chronology of the story and showing some level of character development. In reality, I should have just stayed away from Stephen's killer punch, mystery punch and house parties seems to going hand in hand these days and everytime I have been a sucker for the stuff and my memories are fading faster than you can count the demise of the global stock exchange.

Note: Mystery drinks are not a good idea and either is going to Bandits in 2am.

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