My life will never be the same again

This is kind of a dream come true.. If I got to go to Paris to see her retrospective photo show
I might feel like I had won the lottery or something of significance to most people.

Patti Smith is an Icon... a muse to many and cultural figure that has changed the lives of many young souls including my own. I was soooo stoked to be in the audience of her Sydney Opera House show. The performance is everything you'd expect and more, she was charismatic and her band is still tight as the records would have you believe.

It was a memorable night and I will never forget seeing Patti and her group treating the stage like it was another gig they'd play in the basement of New York or something less prestigious.
Speaking of which, I really want to re-make the boots she was wearing..... I wonder if they were Ann Demeulemeester's.

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