Temper Trap revisited

This is really exciting.

I first spotted these guys from Melbourne via
Pedestrian the DVD zine.... this was so early they didn't even have a proper release yet.

They have certainly come a long way now, the band has grown to 5 members and their indie poise is definitely not lost over time. Their new sound has certainly evolved into an evident Mo town influence with the good old Temper Trap melody strumming instrumentals laced with a sweet set of vocals.

If you haven't heard of them, I'd definitely recommend their show to anyone who appreciates well composed music and a band who can carry it off flawlessly on stage too!
Temper Trap Myspace has all touring dates and other good stuff about them.

Flying Foxes supported Temper Trap on the night.
They played a super tight set, returning to Sydney fresh from their Japan expedition.

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