Chunga'd out....

Last night...I went to a Kit Kat Party and took a lot of the Chunkies home
To build my own Chunga dome... playing Chunga in real life is a lot harder than it is online.

The new chunky flavour has been on my mind for about a month now.
That is what happens when you see something so frequently, part of the joys of working in advertising.
The website is rad and has some sweet content for chilling out with your mates on the cyberspace before you tackle that looming deadline....you are so keen to avoid.

It is a lot harder to play Chunga with the real Kit Kats (I have tried while getting a few drinks down before the Asian flush hits me) it didn't end to well with Kit Kats falling all over the table, lucky the wrappers were still intact so they are still edible after they hit the floor of Qbar. This sounds pretty discouraging right....? But never fear you can challenge your friends on the website and it is a lot easier (I swear). All you need to do is register and play each other - done so!
Check out the website for more details and give the game a GO.
I strongly recommend the game with your mates over a few drinks, it makes it so much more entertaining.
The chocolate is not bad too. It already has served me as a lunch and dinner =]

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