Diplo x Sydney = Sweaty drunkenness

I was hysterically excited to see Diplo on Friday night

But it felt like an eternity before Boy 8 Bit finished his set

The amount of people that all turned up to the show quickly turned the pit into a pool of sweat. And when the minority of guys decided to go topless that just totally killed the vibe for me and probably grossed most of the daring girls who persisted to stay in the pit out.

The show was good but not as mind blowing as I thought it would be, I imagined the set's intensity would be along the lines of Girltalk or similar to his legendary performance at Brighton up a few years ago. Either way it was good to see Diplo getting his groove on - for more info check out
Diplo's Myspace or go to Parklife Sydney if you got time.

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