A little new band

Then there was fate or maybe Sydney is just tiny?
I first met Alex through
Beau Monde when I first started taking live music photos.
It was just a really good excuse to see new music I thought initially until I kept on running into bands that I liked and the photos didn't turn out too badly either.

So this is how my shots got recognised with a small circle of bands that I enjoyed watching. Coincidentally Alex has moved on from beau monde to
Bird Automatic...

I haven't seen Bird Automatic before, until they played at the Spectrum birthday a few weeks ago. When I went to check them out and I noticed a really interesting dynamic on stage. Their songs are kind of romantic but so innocent too and they certainly have that vibe as a band to play the songs without coming across as zappy or too poppy. The song arrangements and energy is just catchy and good, you can't help but want to dance and have a smile about it.

For a preview of their songs and gig dates - check out Bird Automatic's myspace

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