The Teenagers

I left my Shannen Doherty x teenagers tee shirt at home....

The Teenagers gig was pretty big for me... probably more so if I was a little teenage girl, which there were an ample amount of at the gig all screaming and jumping spilling beer and other beverages happily around their gig attendees.
Judging by the bands' lyrics that would be the most obvious outcome of a Teenagers show.

I found out about these guys probably around 3 years ago, just jumping around Myspace pages hunting for new tunes. I think I came across one of their remixes on
Kitsune and I have been following their releases via various blogs ever since.

I must admit with the release of their debut album "Reality Check"... I had a bit of mixed feelings. Their songs were a lot more polished and they were getting loads of press.... to be it is just not the same, perhaps the hype killed it a little for me but the vibe of the songs on the album was just too polished from what I am used to hearing a dirty Teenagers track.

It was really dope to have got to meet the whole band and get a non alcohol soaked area to watch the band play.

I took this shot before the show was set up. Quentin was at the hotel... sleeping at the time, so he was absent from the photo opp. Apparently they have been exhausted from all the shows.
They were really French and nice, very different to what I had imagined they would be from hearing all their songs all too often!

The Teenagers set went by a something little like this....
Go get the album if you have not heard of the new tracks yet.
I really like Love No! and French Kiss - they are good tunes.

It was a packed show YO! I really can't be bothered to take photos up the front in that pit...hahaha

It is a pretty big band.... they also hire a drummer and a keyboardist when on tour.

The girls in the audience were stoked that they were invited to come on stage when the band played their infamous track of love "Homecoming". Security was having a pretty hard time getting all the girls off stage at the end of the song, I think they were mostly star struck.

This is the whole band with their tour manager (in the brown knit). One Happy Family no?

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