I am so Glad

I don't read any trashy mags.

I got to meet Bonde do role and DJ AM last Tuesday, all thanks to the Pedestrian kids, who liked my photos enough for me to come along and take a few snaps of their interviews.

I heard about Bonde Do Role from Vice mag, a while ago and youtube'd their songs....so I knew it was going to be a pretty fun encounter. They were really tired from all the flying and possibly partying as well, but they stuck out with the interview questions like troopers. Like all good interviews, it takes a bit of warming up and probing to get some insights from the band.

Chris was able to get some topical issues out of the band like how overseas censorship will sometimes react to their lyrics. (Bonds had to replace an original track with an instrumental due to viewer complaints of its lyrical content) Bonde's response was quite apt I think, they feel like people would need to have a dirty mind to construed their lyrics to be inappropriate as they do most of their songs in a tongue in cheek manner anyway.

The guys also feel like the best euro trash songs somehow finds them to get their inspiration juices flowing to make all the kids at festivals and clubs all over the globe sweat and destroy themselves purely out of love and excitement.

This is AM! Don't believe what you read on the newstands...
He is just a normal dude who plays music and has somewhat famous friends* whatever that might mean to you. He also found another copy of E.L.O 12" whilst he was in town.

The DJ AM interview was solid and constructive, considering I knew very little about his personal life because I don't watch the E channel or succumb to paying for trash mags as entertainment. Chris and the gang led the questions with a lot of tact and grace.

One of the crazy gigs, he has ever Dj'd was at Steven Spielberg's son's bar mitzvah. He does get some unusual request to play shows these days. It was not always the high life as he revealed to us, AM first Dj'd a little club with his own speakers and he got paid $40 for approx 8hours and a few budweisers in cans... it is a far cry to what he is doing now obviously but he is still not sure how this has all happened.....He just feels grateful for what the big man above him has blessed him with and a sense of hard work certainly did no harm.

Alex (the tour manager) was also super nice to us and AM was also very accomodating to the interview, the whole experience went extremely smooth and I got some great shots. The whole set up was very Andrew Denton and it worked splendidly well.

By the end I had learnt AM was a genuine sneaker head, his all time favourite shoe is the jordan 1s. He is also opening a new club space in Vegas with Pete Wentz and he loves to throw parties for people who are there to have fun and not to care about how they look, which is why he is such good mates with the infamous party king
Steve Aoki.

By the end of the interview, Alex and AM were both craving some awesome Thai food. We recommended them to go
Spice I am but that recommendation is largely debatable for the serious foodies out there, I personally think it is a great place to eat Thai - Don't believe me? Go check it out, there is always a queue so it can't be too shabby =).

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