Come Together

This was a few weekends ago now.
I went to see Bonde do role at the Forum the night before, I was not really in good shape to be here but I persisted to see a few of my fave bands and got to meet some cool new ones.

It was well worth it and I was naturally wrecked by the end of the weekend.

This was probably one of the funniest weekends I have had in ages and coincidentally when I went to see my doc the following week, she said my body was absolutely destroyed so I have been laying pretty low since with the help of Anti biotics I should be better by the time I leave the country.

Fingers crossed x

The Galvaltrons

The big stage in the big top was pretty awesome, it had a really good vibe on stage and I had never seen this band before. I can't say I am their biggest fan but the lighting and theatrics made for some pretty good photos so I was happy. This was my first band to shoot since I slept in and struggled with the chilly winds to get out and about.

Fait Accompli

The Fait Accompli boys put on a really entertaining show at the Filth stage. They were really tight and Michael from the Yves Klein Blue was flipping out at how good they were, I had to admit it was pretty awesome, definitely one of their best shows. I took the group shot right after Michael left the band with a big congratulations. It was a nice sight seeing everyone supporting each other backstage.

Flamingo Crash

I was just chilling out with Sweetie after watching a few bands and I was getting tired of squatting. But then these guys came on stage and I was hooked by the jumpy melodic tunes, I ran up to the front to get a better view and I was certainly not disappointed at their energy and fun attitude with some very cute songs. It was my first time seeing these guys and I have become a fan, I got to chat to them a bit after their show and they are super nice. I found out they were managed by Jerry who also managed Young & Restless, whom they share the same record label with. Oh and Troy the bassist was originally from Sydney.

I was hanging out with Issac and Kate outside the Q after the festival, I really should have gone home but it was just one of those endless nights. They invited me to go skateboarding with them next time they are in town, it is too RAD!

Sherlock's Daughter

I have heard about these guys for a while now, but I have never seen them live before so it was a refreshing touch to be able to put a name to a face as always. The lead singer "Tanya" was ultra sweet and probably one of the cutest leads I have taken a photo off. To top it off the band is mighty awesome! God Bless them with talent and good looks, you can't really ask for much more than that =]

Yves Klein Blue

The Yves Klein Blue boys are super energetic and dramatic, all traits to a performance. The first time I saw them was at the Spectrum for their EP launch, I had heard so much about them in the press and I was not sure what to expect really since you can't always trust the hype. I am totally glad I went to their show that night though, they totally blew me away from the get go, their songs are well composed and their energy on stage is spectacular. The photos speak for themselves really, if you haven't seen them before, go to their myspace and go get yourself a ticket to the next nearest show to your home town!!!


Red Version was one of my favourite finds from the web....I later had discovered the name of the band via a Pedestrian DVD which I will be forever grateful for knowing who these kids are. Over time with all my going out and photo taking, I got to know them through various bands whom I had been shooting for. I am a pretty massive fan of their songs and looks they put together is equally appealing to me.

The boys have actually moved over to the UK to try to make a name for themselves. If you are going to be travelling over that side of the globe, just jump on their myspace to see their where abouts and catch one of their shows, it will be amazing and well worth a couple of quid! Bargain!

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