The Golden Tunes

Thursday was rather wet and I really should have been staying home to nurture my throat in with some soup.
But I had promised Sweetie that I'd come to her birthday and take some photos at the opening of the Neverness show to keep the sponsors happy and continue to supply the gallery with some nice booze.

Yes I think I am a pretty good friend too. Thank you!
Everyone was happy by the end of the night and I got a surprised call to go to the Peanut Butter Wolf gig. I didn't plan on taking any photos at the show, I was not equipped for such a dark setting with my humble lens.

The Peanut Butter Wolf show was awesome, the array of 80s and 90s hip hop being projected on the big screen with his set just made the experience so much more exciting. The choice of tunes were obviously banging but when he wanted the crowd to decide on what the last song to be. Chaos erupted with hands flying up in the air and there were EPMD and Big L requests flying all over amongst numerous other equally good acts.

I don't even what he played last but he did put on an amazing show and I am glad I was not too busy taking pics.

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