A Young & Restless weekend

Ok after Thursday night's smoke extravaganza at the Gaelic club.

I really wanted to see Young & Restless once more but without the smoke this time...seriously it was getting out of control if you had seen the photos from my last post. It was a pretty chilled night when a young band from New Zealand called "Surf City" came on.

I have not seen them before but they were pretty ace. They had a smooth melodic sound to the whole band and it was a tight set. Although it was a Easter weekend and the bar was to be closed @ 10 up at the Filth, Young & Restless was still zealously banging out their sets full blast to the their die hard fans up the front.

It was an awesome show and a sweaty affair. Karina still managed to let out some impressive roars after so many songs and it was just a killer vibe, it was totally a different experience to see Y&R at beach road compare to the Gaelic club.

Hopefully the pictures will give you a sense of what I felt on the night. Enjoy x

Surf City

Young & Restless

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