The Future is Now!

Oh my it has been such a long week and I am in such poor shape.

Nonetheless I was super psyched to see Young & Restless and my friends who were to share the stage with them.

It was a nice crowd with enough room to dance around freely and tight enough to have a good vibe in the club. Unfortunately the under 18's had to watch the show from above, which left the ground slightly under utilised but still it was an awesome night. The photos you might notice is often filled with smoke. I am not sure who had the idea of letting the smoke run loose but occasionally it'd assist with creating splendid moments in pictures.

Below are a few shots of the bands that I really enjoyed....notably a new band I came across last night by the name of Tic Toc Tokyo whom had their EP launch @ the event. They were a band with a tight sound and the smoke machine definitely went on overdrive while they were playing.

You should keep an eye out for them around town, they should get plenty of attention.

Here are some photos of the night....

Young & Restless

The Jezabels

Lions at your door

Tic Toc Tokyo

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cybele malinowski said...

HOT! love the smoke in the tokyo shots