I love rage when I can't sleep straight away. *I had an apple pie before I crashed out in front of my TV.
Rage is just amazing, old and new music videos played back to back - is bound to be striking some A M A Z I N G nerve somewhere.....Most of time I either watch something obscure or a clip that strikes me as a bit nostalgic...the rarest of all (probably because I can't stay up long enough) is finding a new foreign band that is good.

Last night I came across New Pants from Beijing, I was immediately intrigued by the styling of the clip, it is different to their Myspace photos and youtube videos but the music is still very catchy.

I have been a little bit obsessed with the whole indie alternative scene from China lately. Dazed UK did a feature on a few artists from various disciplines around China and it was really inspiring and good to see that China is not just big for nothing and it is definitely becoming more than a lower cost production hub for the world economy.

Oh I really like this track too!

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