The New era of POP.

Artwork by Scott King (2009)
It all starts with a manifesto.
What will POP be like without Katie Grand's direction? It will certainly be interesting to see and I am hopeful that it will continue to be an amazing publication for interesting people to work on and consume.
I love magazines... I think it is important to have good ones, not because they are glossy but it really feeds into your own ideas too, it is like making friends with words by people who somehow interest you.
More Info on the POP! HERE.


Dan the Scout said...

well said bout magazines, it is a shame the internet is almost nullifying their 'news' value, but to have
a hard copy of a beautiful publication can never be replaced with wires and folders and jpegs!

jefske said...

There is never a shortage of excellent quality mags, the problem is they don't last because people don't see the value in buying them. That is where the disconnect lies unfortunately.

We all need good mags to feed our minds =)