Van She is pretty busy

Van She is a pretty fun band to watch and I have seen them quite a lot over the last few months Not just because of the mutual friend connections but they have been busy playing lots of shows.
I went to see them play a party last weekend. The larger shows always have some pretty lighting set up so if time is available, I usually like to go check it out.

I had to go to bed early that night, I had to get up super early on the following Sunday to do my friend Ritchie's look book... I am pretty stoked that the shots had turned out decently though so the adequate sleep definitely helps.

We had originally wanted to include this bin as part of the shoot but it just look too distracting to have it with the clothes. I still quite like that shot of the bin on its own though, there is something really peaceful about it. O I was also the only sober person on the set ha ha Ritchie and Simon (model) was so hung over and hating life. It was the first time I had worked on a lookbook with so much freedom =)
The mood of the shoot was pretty minimal, I just wanted to highlight the clothes in terms of the technical fabrics and the construction details. I didn't want it to make it too street, I had referenced some of the new/old supreme moods to make the photos come together and yes Simon was still a bit drunk.


Style On Track said...

I really like that shot of the bin as well, Im not sure why its so eye catching, maybe the simplicity :)

jefske said...

simplicity tends to work well when it is matched with nice lighting =)