Mark Borthwick x Dazed

Photo by Mark Borthwick via Fecal Face.

I have been working like a maniac lately.. it really feels like I am sleeping less everyday and my personal emails get neglected more frequently than ever.

It is a truly awesome surprise when you discover gems from newsletters that you subscribe to but usually never get to read properly. Today I discovered the interview of Mark Borthwick on Dazed Digital

His photos are not only beautiful but his approach to his work is really inspiring to me personally. I can share the sentiment of working with your friends and developing a relationship with them over time. His approach to photography really resonates with me as I feel like it should be a joyful and intimate experience...funny enough his comments about the idea of fashion is so spot on =). This Dazed interview is definitely an inspiring piece and it has certainly made my day a very bright one.

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