Not really Street Art but it literally is...

A Tridimensional installation by Henrique Oliveira
I am really liking installation works lately especially after seeing Yayoi Kusama's show at the MCA a few weeks ago. It just adds a whole new level of presence when you absorb the art work on display.

Oliveira is a painter but he has always experimented with texture on his work by using a lot of mixed media.... one day he had noticed the way the wooden construction fence had detoriated over time from staring out from his studio window.

From that day onwards, he had began collecting discarded ply wood from the construction sites to produce his first installation piece, it had then evolved into the tridimensional series. It is visually amazing and intricately built. The title of the works come from the fusion of painting, architecture and sculpture. The pieces all vary in construction but
he sometimes uses PVC tubes to create gigantic protruding forms over which he layers thin sheets of wood while; other times, thousands of pieces of painted wood are arranged into gestural abstract “paintings” that spill off the wall into the viewer’s space.

You can see Olivera's TriDimensional show @Rice Gallery in Houston, Texas
between March 26th and May 9th, 2009.

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