An early xmas

Photos from Ho Ho Hoes.

Siren DJs @ Ho Ho Hoes
A few of my friends decided to throw a party on a Sunday night at the good ol' Gilligans (ex-Gaybash).
Most people I knew were already 3 days into the partying, while I was MIA..

I have been working a lot the past few week, Saturday was my last assisting gig for the year which was thrilling but a bit sad too.
The shoot was for Karen Mag, an editorial story with Jessica Hart, she is a pretty amazing girl to work with and the shoot went really well, I got to use a few different lighting set ups and a smoke machine woo. =)

The assisting gig has been really good and I feel like I have been fast tracked to be working with all these amazing people in such a short amount of time...2009 should be even more amazing now that I know a little bit more about the work and people involved.
By Sunday, I was really missing my friends and really wanted to get out and have a dance with them all. Naturally Monday I slept in.... and was not working =)

Andy Uprock, Elvis Di Fazio and Val getting their pose on.

Rose is back from Paris! YAY!!. We worked together on a Kluster mag shoot a while back. You can see her on the Klustermag issue 5 - Desert Rose story

Aaron is chilling by the DJ booth and being tops as usual =)

Emma + Confetti = Awesomeness!

Kevin B is a dancing machine.

I just met Natalia that night.... but we have a few mutual friends and she is pretty rad too. Woo to mutual friends.

Elvis making sure Eddie looks good as Santa.

Steph is back in town as well...model extraordinaire and avid blogger.

Mitch is an amazing Bow tie designer and Cody stylist extraordinaire.always love hanging out

Michael and Dorian from the Teenagers are back in Town again for a NYE show @ Manning bar.

Steph (Batwoman) and Matt Saville (All around awesome dude but too hot to wear the Batman suit all night) just being amazing in general.

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