Lions in Japan

Japan is AMAZING!
Not because you can just about buy anything out of vending machines
The city is just a massive ball of connections Intricately crafted to allow the people to flow along smoothly
Tokyo is fun and big Although there are more people in Tokyo than HongKong
The sentiment of the culture is still fairly similar to me
Maybe it is the hard work ethic and the courteous nature of its citizens
Either way I can't complain because I had an amazing time
Travelling with Lions at your door was certainly an interesting experience
There were lots of laughs and Dr Radicals (Beer) to be had
I tried to take as many non shaky photos as possible
A few memorable moments from the trip....

Wong Kar Wai is king...I am a bit of a fan.
This was taken where we were staying in Asakusa, Tokyo.
One of our many late night walks.

I went walking around Osaka - doing the touristy things.
Kelly and I ended up checking out the Osaka castle museum.
It was pretty rad....there were loads of runners out, I have no idea why.
The day was like 40 degrees so I snapped a few using my new 50mm lens.

This was truly a spectacular moment for the band.
It was their last show at a club in Nagoya.
They invited their supporting bands all on stage to do Crossssfire together.
It was a splendid finish to an amazing debut tour!

This is everyone on tour! Maddd times!

Backpacking looks like fun but it is rather tiresome...especially when the pack becomes nearly as big as you

Shibuya intersection is possibly the busiest piece of land I have ever seen.

The only thing missing in this photo is Dave on keys.
It was taken at Osaka at a club called Triangle.
The space was pretty sweet, apparently there was a jacuzzi on level 4.
We were all mostly chilling out on level 3 where there were lounges, it was great for passing out before we kicked on again

This is Lillies and Remains. They supported Lions on tour, they were pretty hiliarious...as cultural barriers are often broken down by humour and rude words. We felt compelled to teach other rude words and phrases with our respective languages over jugs of beer!
That was probably the messiest night on tour, luckily we all got single bedrooms that night to crash in.

Believe it or not - this is actually a gallery exhibition.
I nearly walked straight into the water from the staircase.
This was exhibited at a mind blowingly unique gallery/art store called NADIFF.
If you are ever in Japan you must go have a look.

In Japan, it is all about the presentation.
Bands are no different. Over styling is a pre-requisite for any teens.
Style is everything and image will get you many kudo points with the fans.
Learn it from Psysalias Psyalis Psyche

3am too drunk to walk.
Thank god there are bikes in Japan.
We ended up roaming the streets looking for a karaoke bar that fits 20 people.
It was a lost cause, everyone was too drunk and broke to sing so we cabbed back to the hotel to pass out.
That was the end of the tour....good times!

We ran into Dan (ex Lost valentinos) now 1 of the Midnight Juggernauts.
They were really nice kids, it was great to see them doing so well and random to bump into each other at a Vice party in Tokyo ~

Dirk found a special lover for the night.

I took this at the Chelsea hotel. It was an amazing first show for Lions at your door.
The room was packed and the kids were even moshing which was hiliarious.

Apparently this is the reason why businessmen don't go home after work....
It is hell noisy in those venues....not sure why they don't provide ear muffs as well

Last night in Tokyo.
We decided to do a little shoot.
It was fun and most of us were a little sleepy so I snapped real quickly.

There are more photos if you are interested on my Flickr!

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