Are there just way too many parties happening in Sydney?
It is certainly a challenge for promoters and I can only party hop so much in a night.
I wonder what it would be like if good promoters just joined forces and threw mega bashes instead of weekly gigs...to avoid fighting over the same crowds - perhaps when Darwin meant survival of the fittest. It also holds true for the club promoters?

The girls from HOOPS threw a party.....
Friends of mine asked me to come check it out
So I took a few photos for the girls to keep as memories

The LAYD gang got invited invited to DJ at Crooked kids @ Le Panic
It was a very strange experience.. I have never been in that club before.
I was with Sweetie and we were welcomed with some trashy electro blasting into our faces as we entered, which confirms why I have never been to this club
I was excited to see LAYD DJ though... it has been a while especially after Japan and all the shows they played before that.
Sadly the promoters at the club were not happy with the LAYD song choices - so their set was inevitably cut short to like 20mins play time but they got paid in FULL which was rad and we bounced to see HOOPS play!

I had to make one last stop to Phoenix before home
My friends @ DISCO Punx were throwing a party
I heard it was absolutely packed at around 1 but it was a bummer I missed that set
It was still a good vibe when I got there or maybe it was just the good ol' Phoenix charm.

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