My friend Dinta and Stacia just started a new project together called Dreamers and Believers.
Like many art collectives, they both met during design school and after many late nights fueled by good conversations and wine, a project/web identity begins.

I am a fan of projects using tumblr instead of a very plain folio website.
The Tumblr set up is great, not only because other people can reblog and comment on your ideas.
The chronological order of the tumblr posts also gives the publisher the power to define a personality / a voice to their ideas, which I think most established design studios lack, the humanity behind their ideas.

If you like fluffy things and vintage imagery, definitely check out
Dreamers and Believers for a visual feed.

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Hello Sandwich said...

I love your collections! Do you have an email address that I could contact you on? Or perhaps you could email me on hellosandwichblog@gmail.com if you had a moment.
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Hello Sandwich