I was talking to Ash on Friday after a very long week.
After chilling at his place for a while, he got me onto Instapaper.
It is quite the handy app.... it is like delicious on your palm.

Anyway, I started to use it today and I came across this interview with Sam McIntosh by Pedestrian
This part was particularly interesting for me....

In your life has there been a job yet that you’ve really hated? From the very start? I was a pedophile's dream before puberty. Started doing a Sunday paper run when I was 10 and then followed with a six day a week run and had a host of friendly ol men who enjoyed a long talk. My work ethic meant I didn't actually hang round too long. Then onto a milk run and then my parents bought a pub. Had a shot at every role in there at some point. Since then, there have been a few small shots at uni but I've been mostly in publishing. Worst job? I don't really mind any kind of work. There's always some monotony in everything and if you're hating it, it's a catalyst to drive you to do something you like.

I feel pretty much the same way minus the pedophile's dream part. The interview is full of interesting and sometimes unbelievable stories, it shows where an idea with hard work and good friends can take you.

If you like interviews, you should sign up to the Pedestrian Mailout.
You will never have to dig deep into your rss reader again for unusual and topical stories again..

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