Image from Enter the Void via. Dazed Digital

I stumble across Enter the Void a few days ago, it sounds pretty special.
The Dazed interview gives you a bit of an insight to the workings of the production, it definitely looks like more than method acting.

For those who haven't been to Tokyo, Drug culture is extremely covert, since the law enforcement do not really give you a slap on the wrist but you get dealt with pretty seriously (not as bad as Thailand but still pretty intense). So if you like me have a bit of an obsession with drug culture but do not like the idea of prisons, this film might be fulfilling.

This story should give
you just the right kick into the underground drug and sex scene of Tokyo, presumably with a psychological twist that will probably make you feel slightly uneasy.
Go Check out the interview on Dazed Digital with the 2 actors who are featured in the film, if you are intrigued.
If you know anything about where I can watch the film, give us a holler!

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