I am a bit embarassed to admit, I have never watched The Godfather before.
The story is obviously legendary and I knew the premise of the film but was never interested enough to seek it out until I came across this Vanity Fair article written by Mark Segal.

The article is titled The Godfather war, the piece goes beyond the film, it chronicles how broke Mario Puzo was when he sold the rights of his story to the studios and how Coppola had envision the mob story to be a film that focus on the family struggles rather than mindless bloodsheds, he even used the story of the mob as a metaphor of the ruthless Corporate America. Segal just has loads of amazing trivia about the film!

I would strongly recommend you to read the article if you like me, have not seen the Godfather.
It should make you curious enough to go over the edge to the nearest video store to find a copy.
The Godfather Wars by Mark Segal.

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