This is pretty surreal
The photo is actually a few weeks old but I had totally forgot about it happening.

I was in the New Museum for about 4 hours before I stepped out onto daylight where this photo was taken. So now i realised the man with the cam is the sartorialist. I am terrible with names... really and I was so tired and dazed after seeing the Black Pather retrospective works by Emory Douglas.
And the David Goldblatt photos were also beautiful
I was also intrigued by the Dorothy Lannone's comic illustration series, they were really long and filled with words.

Today, my friend Michelle, a friend who lives in NY told me she saw a photo of me in an issue of GQ US about a series of galleries on the LES while she was on a shoot. I was like "who was the photographer?" She said "Not sure, if I wasn't on the shoot. I probably won't even flick through a GQ" Unexpectedly, a few of my friends had email me the Sartorialist post a few minutes later. It is like some kind of internet magic..... some people at work call this the VIRAL effect! There is no CPM on those.

Anyway, it was one of my many unusual NY encounters.
It is a pretty funny city if you get to spend a bit of time there.

According to a few of my friends who have followed the Sartorialist photos for a while... they all say "you have MADE it." I am not sure what that means exactly but it is pretty nice picture regardless.

photo by the sartorialist.
thx dude!

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