I think they gave me too much food.
Today I was pretty damaged from last night's events
So i tried to tidy my living space and pack some of my clothes away into my duffel bag
My first real meal happened at this little chinese take out place around the corner from me at Brooklyn.

I find it perplexing how Americans are so obsessed with having lots of meats (and Fried Rice) - most Chinese restaurants default with Fried Rice on most rice plate dishes.

I was pretty hungry when I got to the take out place and I wasn't really thinking about how much food I was going to get.

I ordered the Grilled Chicken with fried onions and capsicum and four fried wings (I think this was my first fried chicken experience - the Coney Island Popeye's chicken was not very pleasant - again it was my first meal of the day after 4hours of sleep from the night before). I was excited to dive into my food as my stomach could not handle the wait any longer (my average food intake has been around 1 meal to date - unless my friends had organised dinner in advance or I am walking around for hours then I might snack too)

I took the photo half way through my meal, I actually ended up with 8 fried chicken wings instead of 4! I had no idea how it happened but I don't like to see food go to waste so I just scoffed it all down.

If I was concerned with calories.... there is seriously not a whole lot I can eat in the states with my living patterns.
This is also my reason for walking everywhere I travel, because I eat often recklessly and find food in proximity to where I reside rather than by deliciousness.

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