Live Tattooing is NO JOKE!

I have been in HK for nearly two weeks now…the weather has been humid and super wet so my camera has not been served so well with cityscape shots.

Anyway I have been running around all over the city and last night my friends at Star Crossed Tattoo were invited to Cliq to do a live tattooing demo for the Kely Support group charity event night organised by the guys at China Stylus and Red Dog Studio.

Julia and Ross from Star Crossed were also involved with the Artist x Canvas Auction project, Julia’s piece was auctioned off for HKD $11,000, which is pretty awesome.

The Cliq venue was packed with people, from suits to local HK scene kids decked out in ultra large Hip Hop threads and flat brim hats. There was also a fair share of expat kids roaming about too checking out the gig. One thing is for sure, tattooing in HK is growing and people are definitely getting more serious about the culture.
It is really good to see an emerging community of tattoo artist coming out of HK, Julia has to be one of my favourites in HK though. Her new school freshness is super vibrant and illustrative styles are one of a kind in HK, I met her accidentally 2 years ago and I have continued to keep in touch with them every chance I get to return to HK. Star Crossed is an awesome studio – equipped with world class gear and super sterile like a medical centre. If you ever want to get some ink in HK, you have to drop by!

For those who have never been to a tattoo studio or been tattooed, this is pretty much how it goes. Danny was the volunteer for the ink on the night… it was a pretty chaotic place to be tattooed though. With way too many cameras and people all roaming about to get a better look at how it all comes about. The whole piece took a little more than 3 hours and it looks pretty smashingly good!

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