a project I shot recently for london based accessories label two lost souls.
you can see the whole series on jefske.com


the photos i have been doing for 127 bricklane is finally online.
you can see the features on the newly launched 127bricklane website

london fields, 2011.

this summer a lot of friends came to visit and the sun was actually quite bright a lot of the time especially during the weekend around london fields.


a feature i shot recently for pop online is now live.  

Styling by Nina walbecq and Kati Garbuz
Photography by Jeff Yiu
Hair and Make Up by Andrea Gomez Anzola
Model: Dasha Love
Fashion Assistance by Aline Caretti


the bicycle library, 2011

i was talking to my good friend kevina today

some of her close friends call her Noodle, which randomly brought my mind to a mash up image i had seen late one night but I couldn't find it on Google again (maybe it was a dream?!)
Anyway I decided to recreate the image I had seen on photoshop jsut for LOLs and for Kevina to get the reference I had amusing about....boredom and restlessness makes me to somewhat productive things. 

You can see Kevina's latest project on Cradle of Vision 


toodar, 2011.

another portrait of the lovely band from London, Toodar
This was taken at the end of the shoot, it was just real simple and natural.