komakino aw 2011 presentation 



mayfair, 2011


empty #01, 2010


jeb maykut, 2010.

this is a portrait i took of jeb maykut in December last year when i was in town briefly for work 
i was also fortunate enough to get some new work by ol' jeb again, a year since we first met at invisible new york.  


make believe, 2009.

I don't think this image ever got used but I still like the feeling of it

It is funny to see some of my earlier fashion works
I really had no idea and was just happy to be taking some photos 

The jewellery is all by make believe, a nice label from Sydney
I had totally forgotten the model's name but she was from Germany signed with Chadwicks when she was in Sydney.


mc gaffe, 2011. 

this is a portrait I shot of mc gaffe back in the beginning of january.
I have photographed her for the past 3 years 
it has been really nice to see how her image and live performance has evolved