smoke, 2011.


my very lovely and talented friend rachel took a picture of me a few weeks ago
she gave me one of her prints today
 it is such a nice gift

and I will be 26 tomorrow.
so much to look forward to with the year ahead. 

thanks rach x


andy uprock, 2009


ida lamberton, 2010

the photos I shot in NY last month is finally up
you can have a look on Ida's newly built portfolio idalamberton.net 


ai wei wei: sunflower seeds / Tate Modern 12th Oct 2010 - 2nd May 2011


julia, 2009

i met julia the first time on set for the FTW shoot
she was still in high school, doing her final exams
we talked about nine inch nails 
and she wanted to do medicine at uni in germany


trafalgar sq, 2011

tom, ghostwood, 2008

I was just looking at some old photos I had of Ghostwood
They just released a new single entitled "Sunset Mirage" 

It is really good, you can stream or download it at their bandcamp 



my friend sohrab runs a great blog called my bedroom wall
he posted one of my photos on his wall, it looks pretty legit. 


mason's yard, 2011

self portrait, 2011

i'm super excited for the new year ahead
this is an early birthday present on my feet
i have honestly had dreams about them 
they look odd and it feels like i'm learning how to walk again


au clair, 2010

this is a series of images I did last year for the Sydney label, Song for the Mute.


today I have separated the galleries on my site into 3 sections so it is more visually organised when you browse the different bodies of work. 

hope this will make more sense in how my work is being developed


some work in progress images for MC GAFFE from the shoot I did yesterday


the project I did in November with Dinta is all wrapped, you can see the complete edit on my folio.
I have done a layout for the poster print as well for the selected images, now I need to find a printer who can do the print for me

work in progress.
i'm currently editing images for ida lamberton's design archive
ida is an emerging fashion designer from new york, i got to collaborate with her in December last year
keep an eye out for this designer, she is going to do some exciting things in 2011.