kirin, 2010.

a performance at the Arthur Russell tapes of thought event. 

eve, 2010. 

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cave, 2009.


london, 2010.

sophy, london 2010

sophy had recently changed her hair colour so I wanted to take a picture of her new hair.

I ended up shooting a small series with her, which I entitled the cell, because her room in paddington was literally cell like with a faux courtyard equiped with barb wire fencing. It was pretty disturbing.

This is part of the cell series. 
Happy to be taking some photos again, I was inspired by sophy's own holiday photos and many random travelling stories, oh and her knee series is pretty great too. 



this is the view on the balcony from where I have been staying since I arrived in London.
but i found a new place to move into yesterday 
so i'll be leaving the lovely flat in Angel tomorrow



i can't remember the last time i actually sat down and watched tv.

also Inception is a great film, i'd highly recommend it if you like Christoper Nolan or just very gripping stories.


late night walks




hi nicola,

teenagersintokyo played in Camden's lock tavern tonight
this photo is taken for you!