an experimental short film for the midnight juggernauts by Cara Stricker. 
a few years of touring footage for your visual pleasure to follow.


Broken Social Scene 

Pure bliss. 

Life changing images by James Natchway
If you like photojournalism, this is probably as good as it gets.


the last true story in pop. 

more info via.

Don't believe everything you read on the Internet.

mind blown.


this is one of the image I took for song for the mute's SS10/11 AU CLAIR collection
you can see the rest of the series on F-T.com.au

an image I took for nicholas christensen
styling by james dykes.

BoF Fashion Pioneers: Jefferson Hack from The Business of Fashion on Vimeo.

this is an excellent interview with Jefferson Hack discussing the beauty of digital media and the future of publishing. 


I am in a group show this Thursday
Come down for a drink if you are in the Neighbourhood.


Kid Confucius, final show @the Annandale 2010.

This is a great video by Ira Glass talking about how to produce great stories but it is pretty applicable to all kinds of creative ventures.

His advice is quite simple, you will basically get better with your work over time by constant practice and
The video series reminds me of Malcolm Gladwell's theory of 10,000 hour rule. By doing anything long enough say 10,000 hours, you will eventually become a pro at whatever you do (read more on - Outliers.)

I found this clip by my always interesting content seeking friend Ash

If you are interested in how to further improve your creative ideas, this video will be a great resource.



photo still from Foal's Spanish Sahara video.

You can now visit Dave Ma on VIMEO - another place to find visual inspiration.
Youtube was being difficult and some of his videos were removed 
so a relocation was in order, enjoy the fine videos created by Dave Ma and team.