" I keep it real - no silver spoons here." - Katie Eary, "Urban Jungle" 2010

This is a campaign I did a few weeks ago for the Desordre store, winter 2010.

Folding magic

A3 Animals by Michael Schoner.


I did some portraits for Byron for a test shoot.

This is a small series I shot for Hannah Smith for her own design portfolio on Australia Day.


Kirin J Callinan and Daniel Stricker performs at the Arthur Russell Tapes of Thought audio documentary event on Cockatoo Island over the weekend.

The documentary was produced by my close friend
John Connell.

The Kills, @the Forum 2009.

My external hard drive is filling up so I decided to go through my archives to do some cleaning up and in the process I had rediscover some of my older shots that I have not seen in a while. I will try to post some more older photos frequently on the blog.

Alison Mosshart is one of the best live performers I had ever got the pleasure to photograph.
It was an amazing night and the show was very memorable.
I am glad I got a set of photos to remember the night by.


Parade - Hoboken, New Jersey, 1955
by Robert Frank.

Last night, I couldn't sleep so I flicked on the ABC and came across this great documentary called Genius of Photography produced by the BBC.

I didn't know what I was watching at the time, as I missed the first 10 minutes but I started the bit when they introduced Robert Frank's work and first book produced in France and I was hooked.

If you like Photography, you should definitely check it out.

I found the link to the
Genius of Photography doco on Youtube!! Enjoy.

"The funny thing is there’s still so much product in the ads, although it is natural not forced. Of course you can have these sort of faceless, retouched 20-year-old models - and there’s nothing at all wrong with them - but I find it refreshing there can also be a 65-year-old woman carrying things, feeling proud of her body and what she is doing. I’m very keen to support that in any way or form." - Juergen Teller talks about photography, film and the art of ping pong on Ponystep.

Liz as MJ at the GEN X
Exclamation Point Party!

This is a test I did a few weeks back for Song For the Mute.
Boy - Akos Armont.

FYI. Akos is actually playing the lead in the Theatre Production Spring Awakening.
Full story to come soon, I just finished the edit tonight.