The film streak continues...
Thx to my good friend DAN... I also need to add Fish Tank on my to watch list.
It looks pretty intense, reminds me of Kids, RIZE, 8 Mile x SKINS.

I was trying to look for my copy of Hype!
I still can't find it. Arghhh... I have been watching a load of films lately and reminded me of how much I wanted to see Hype! again after I watched the Metal Doco by Sam Dunn & co.

If you are interested in Seattle and the Grunge movement from early to mid 90s, you should definitely check out the documentary, it is one of the best I have seen about the Grunge movement yet.


Yesterday I watched this doco about Heavy Metal
It is quite insightful and enjoyable.
I am no hardcore metal fan but I do like a few industrial metal bands
The doco is loaded with great interviews and historical accounts of the evolution of the genre from all over the world.
If you are interested in music and culture, I'd highly recommend it.


My friend has recently started a music project
I have taken a few photos at her live shows.
Each projection at her shows are different as it is sync'd to her music.
It is quite extraordinary and visually stunning.
More photos to come.... I was using her camera so I don't have the photos with me to share.
I was talking to Ash on Friday after a very long week.
After chilling at his place for a while, he got me onto Instapaper.
It is quite the handy app.... it is like delicious on your palm.

Anyway, I started to use it today and I came across this interview with Sam McIntosh by Pedestrian
This part was particularly interesting for me....

In your life has there been a job yet that you’ve really hated? From the very start? I was a pedophile's dream before puberty. Started doing a Sunday paper run when I was 10 and then followed with a six day a week run and had a host of friendly ol men who enjoyed a long talk. My work ethic meant I didn't actually hang round too long. Then onto a milk run and then my parents bought a pub. Had a shot at every role in there at some point. Since then, there have been a few small shots at uni but I've been mostly in publishing. Worst job? I don't really mind any kind of work. There's always some monotony in everything and if you're hating it, it's a catalyst to drive you to do something you like.

I feel pretty much the same way minus the pedophile's dream part. The interview is full of interesting and sometimes unbelievable stories, it shows where an idea with hard work and good friends can take you.

If you like interviews, you should sign up to the Pedestrian Mailout.
You will never have to dig deep into your rss reader again for unusual and topical stories again..
I have been thinking about starting over I like up rooting and starting new things
So for 2010, I want to find a new space to live
I want a small room with very little fixtures... most likely with a bed and a rack of clothes and a set of drawers.
Coming back from NY, I just realise I have too much stuff and I really need a good reason to get back to minimal living.

These are just some ideas I had to get the ball rolling.

Lately I have been hooked on a few albums.
This track by the Horrors is one of the albums, I am currently hooked on.
I must confess, the visuals for the song is not what I pictured the video to be... nonetheless the track is pretty amazing from the intro to the end. hypnotic... reminds me something they would play from the Informers.


The Duke Dance Off was out of control.
Saturday morning was sunny with birds chirping.
I was sore and hung over...sleepy but determined.
I woke up early to finish off my questions then the phone call came.
so this was when i spoke to the
XX a few weeks back


hello monday!

My friend Vikki Ing is finishing her (Fashion Styling) studies at the Whitehouse Institute of Design.
She will be holding an exhibition with her graduating class at the PYD building (197 Young St, Waterloo, NSW) in this 12th Nov Thursday.

Vikki's major work is titled "
Press Play", It is a collaboration between up and coming creatives. A concept exploring music and the visual image, we’ve adapted more commercial styles of media and taken the next step to make something a little unconventional all in the name of creating. It removes the pretention from band photography and makes it fun again.

So If you are free, come along and check out the works and have some drinks.

I have contributed some images in her published zine as part of her major works, it was a good little project and I can't wait to see the layout of the zine, thanks to our amazing mate Alex finishing the layout till 3am last week to get it to print.

I think there are editions of a 1,000 of the zine printed, so if you are lucky... you should be able to get yourself a copy and have a good look after the show.

See y'all there.


My friend Dinta and Stacia just started a new project together called Dreamers and Believers.
Like many art collectives, they both met during design school and after many late nights fueled by good conversations and wine, a project/web identity begins.

I am a fan of projects using tumblr instead of a very plain folio website.
The Tumblr set up is great, not only because other people can reblog and comment on your ideas.
The chronological order of the tumblr posts also gives the publisher the power to define a personality / a voice to their ideas, which I think most established design studios lack, the humanity behind their ideas.

If you like fluffy things and vintage imagery, definitely check out
Dreamers and Believers for a visual feed.


Thomas Prior

Educational and hilarious at the the same time.

This is part of the book...

" In the late 90s in Japan, the assumption that people would be lucky to have their private lives publicized was taken one ste further when a weekly “reality” show called Denpa Shonen featured a naked man locked in a room where he had to subsist ob only what he could win from sweepstakes advertised in a pile of magazines he was given. His place in the room was the prize he received after winning a raffle; he wasn’t told he’d be filmed. He went long stretches of time crying and eating nothing but rice cooked in a tin can. The crew left him inthere for more than a year before they told him that his confinement was being broadcast all over the country.

The show received stellar ratings."

Obsolete: An Encyclopedia of Once-Common Things Passing Us By


Friday night was the Duke Magazine's 4th Annual Mutant Dance Off.
It was a massive night with some amazing costumes and dance moves on show.
I think my body still hurts from competing on the night.
Keep an eye out for more photos via
Duke Mag.