"lonely is the new dance party" - The Sight Below.

I watched this the other day.
Makes me want to go to Bali again

More on Sagmeister HERE.
Dazed Digital.

Good interviews are even better when the subjects are actually interesting.
I really like Dave Ma's work and you might too if you have seen what has done with music videos.

DAVE MA is pretty rad.

DAVE MA makes good music videos
DAVE MA has a channel on youtube.


Rad Bike x Good Vibes

Summer is almost here.
What better way to get healthy (RIDE RIDE RIDE) and get some good music to your ears?
The Sydney Bicycle Film Festival has organised a bunch of rad films for all bike
lovers to enjoy. To celebrate the launch of this epic film festival, they are also throwing an opening party with a load of great bands, so come say hi and enjoy the GOOD vibe deep into the night!

TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW - come and spread the love!
Tickets onsale now through
Factory Theatre and Moshtix

For more info - check out the BFF Schedule HERE!


I was scanning my googlereader feeds.
And came across this series of film stills.
If you haven't seen 2046, I strongly recommended it.
Especially if you like me, enjoy Wong Kar Wai's work and surreal noir stories.

2046 is a real killer combination of surrealism with beautiful cinematography.
Like all of his other works, it is just a bit poetically tragic but engaging.

You can watch the trailer to 2046 HERE.
If the skies remain to be over cast and grey over the next few days.
I will probably have to shoot in this kind of light
on Saturday
I am excited to finish the photo project with my friend Vikki though.
Alex will also be helping her to produce and layout the zine together as part of her major graduation work at the Whitehouse institute of design.
We have shot 4 bands so far and the variety has been really good.
The zine should be a lovely finale to the whole project.


Time and space.
I really need to get some new lights
I have been thinking a lot about water too...
Maybe it is time to go for a swim
I had a skim on my google reader today quickly and noticed these boots.

I will admit it.
I have way too many pairs to wear for any boy but I love shoes.
I think I just like to collect different details on shoes. These boots by Gareth Pugh are totally impractical to wear (at least for me) but they are like a piece of sculpture. The detailing looks amazing too, I wonder how they look on a real person....

photo via. Dazed by Robbie Spencer.
This is pretty surreal
The photo is actually a few weeks old but I had totally forgot about it happening.

I was in the New Museum for about 4 hours before I stepped out onto daylight where this photo was taken. So now i realised the man with the cam is the sartorialist. I am terrible with names... really and I was so tired and dazed after seeing the Black Pather retrospective works by Emory Douglas.
And the David Goldblatt photos were also beautiful
I was also intrigued by the Dorothy Lannone's comic illustration series, they were really long and filled with words.

Today, my friend Michelle, a friend who lives in NY told me she saw a photo of me in an issue of GQ US about a series of galleries on the LES while she was on a shoot. I was like "who was the photographer?" She said "Not sure, if I wasn't on the shoot. I probably won't even flick through a GQ" Unexpectedly, a few of my friends had email me the Sartorialist post a few minutes later. It is like some kind of internet magic..... some people at work call this the VIRAL effect! There is no CPM on those.

Anyway, it was one of my many unusual NY encounters.
It is a pretty funny city if you get to spend a bit of time there.

According to a few of my friends who have followed the Sartorialist photos for a while... they all say "you have MADE it." I am not sure what that means exactly but it is pretty nice picture regardless.

photo by the sartorialist.
thx dude!

Colour, it is growing on me.
I am trying to stay sober, maybe this has something to do with my love of colour in things at the moment.
My wardrobe is still pretty black though... maybe this will also change with time.
paintings by
matthew cerletty
words by


I have finally put a little slideshow of a few photos from NY on the folio.
You can see them
Enjoy x


I had shoot this series for Chronicles of Never before I flew away to NY.
It took me a lot longer than I had planned to update my folio.
It was pretty much impossible to do so while I was away, the internet connection was not so good.

But after catching up many hours of sleep since I have returned back to the Sydney Shores.
I had finally work on a bit of an update today.

You can see some of the selects I picked from the blind silence audible vision series.
Alternatively you can Google "blind silence audible vision" to see what everyone has been posting.