Ironic retail therapy for bored web browsers

There are so many strange ideas on the Internet.
It is beautiful but can be daunting too.
I just came across this site from Julian
Another interesting concept - I thought it is such an unusual but genius way to sell clothes.
Find a funny photo and get products that fit the look.
Pure web genius.
I like how the hipster look can come from so many different references in pop culture.
Ironic photos meets retail = CASH CASH CASH!
if you got the need to SHOP for your NEXT nerd chic look - look no further than Nerd boyfriend.


Do you need a Workspace in SYDNEY?!

THIS IS A BELATED POST! But I thought you should still know about it.
The lovely girls at Dobry Den will have 2 Studio spaces for rent and THEY WANT YOU NOW!
If you are not familiar with the space you can read a lovely feature from The Blackmail.

Dobry Den has two amazing studios, or one large space available for lease.
The space is freshly painted right in the heart of Crown St above Dobry Den.
The studios offer the perfect place to work for a professional image and a happy productive work environment.
Beautiful and light with white wooden floors and walls.
It would suit many creative uses such as show room, designer studio, office…
Both rooms are approx 4mt x 4mt.
Front studio has with large window and ornate ceiling. The building also has a kitchenette and courtyard, is secure and monitored with security system.

Front room is approx 17.5sq mt $200 per week Second room is approx 13.5sq mt $150 per week amenities and Internet extra.

The girls are open to suggestions for terms and ideas and really are just after suitable person/persons for the space.
If you are interested, please contact Nicole & Keira (dobryden_@hotmail.com) and please pass on to anyone you think might be keen.

A few pictures from the weekend...

With the Lost Valentinos.
I took a few pictures for Kluster, you can see them HERE.


Can't hardly wait..

Last night I got to see the Lost Valentinos at the OAF.
I took a few shots for Kluster as well.

It was a mind blowing show and I can't wait till the album is released.

If you are as excited as I am as well, you can pre-order the album on lostvalentinos.com.


Lost Valentinos Interview

Photo by Cybele
I got another interview up for Kluster.
This time I got to chat to one of my favourite bands, Lost Valentinos.
It was a lot of fun and if you are a fan, make sure you get a peek.
Check out the interview on the Kluster Blog.

What is a Hipster?

I have been interested in this concept for a while now.
I get called that sometimes but I am still not sure what people mean when they call people that.

I certainly don't associate myself with the images posted on
this blog. (Although, I have to admit Tumblr has some goldmine for mindless entertaining photos)

My mate Nigel retweeted this story by Time magazine on the idea of Hipster culture.
The history of how the concept started is accurate from other sources I had read.... circa the Jack Kerouac and Ginsberg era.

The end of the article gets a bit confusing or perhaps it was a soft commercial plug for Urban Outfitters?!
I don't know what happened, it was an interesting angle they started with then it all turned out to be a bit vague.