I need mindless entertainment

This is an instant classic to the kind of humour I enjoy.
Random and Pointless that reflects reality in its purest form.

David Thorne is a king (sort of)
So many great conversation stories to share
If you ever feel the need to procrastinate.
This is where you need to be or youtube.
thx Ben for sharing.


Makes you forget how bad some places can be...

I got acquainted with Miike Snow a few weeks ago thanks to the interweb blogs.
thx to RA13 - I just found out they have produced for the track "Burial"
It is seriously a beautiful song.
The film clip is so well directed and totally fitting to the pace of the sound too.
The clip really transcends the harsh reality of the living conditions in India and offers a warmer side of their humane nature which is really nice.

What does your profile look like in numbers?

I was talking to Dan earlier today and he told me about this website.

“Where a human is reduced to data, data is converted to values, values are transformed into art.”

I don't know too much about the project but I find the whole experience quite novel and interesting.
I like the interactive experience with the ordinary data being transformed into a piece of art is an unique concept. Art is always more interesting to me, when it can response to user participation. That is probably what draws me to digital art installations, they are really well thought out and when it is done meticulously with an original concept... it is mind blowing.

Also the statistical nature of the whole computing generation of my personal profile reminds me of the Mos Def track "Mathematics"

It certainly looks the project is successful in reducing humans into data points and transform it into a work of art.
Give your profile a go with
myDate = myMondrian!


Humble Beginnings

I have been shooting a bunch of projects on my own recently and it has been a bit of a blur.

Most of the time, I don't even realised what I have done until I take a breather and look back at some archived shots.
I am still planning on redoing my own website before I fly away, so it is on my to do list.

My weekends are continuing to fill up with projects so I really need to learn how to manage my time better.

The f-t blog featured the shoot I did for Chronicles of Never a few weeks back.

It feels like a life time ago now but I thought I should really share this with my friends.
So here you go =)


vibe 001

I have been so absent lately.
Been working on a few projects that is hungrily chewing up my time, so I haven't had the pleasure of posting on here.
This is what I have been liking lately though.
Hopefully you will like it too.

sources of awesomeness:
1. Today was a good day still.
2. nowhere by michel rajkovic
3. David Meskhi photos.
4. Hooked on Cory Doctorow's serial Makers.
5. The Dead Weather "Treat Me Like Your Mother"
6. The Limits of Control by Jim Jarmusch


Looking for love

In all the wrong places.

Can Nike really go wrong with their little projects?
From the look of this collab effort and debacle for Nike SB, I think they are pretty in touch with what kids like to see from them.
INSA, the infamous London-based artist, to do an installation and exhibition with his trademark pieces for Nike of course.
Check out the video for some serious sketching.

IAM1 x INSA from Protein® TV on Vimeo.


Lister is NO WIN SITCH

Tomorrow Night.
I will be going to see Anthony Lister's show.

It starts @ 6pm.

Come and be amazed, it should be an interesting spectacle
And it is definitely an unusual venue for an exhibition, but then again Lister is no ordinary artist =)



This is serious sad. Why is it more depressing when young people die.... death is sad regardless of age but perhaps it is just more tragic when there is so much more potential for them to grow. Case in point artists such as Dash is kind of inevitable but still distressing to individuals whom have been exposed to his work.

I have know about him for a while from my graffiti friends and my mate Will passed on the New York Mag piece to me, which had given me and a lot of other people a much better understanding on how Dash Snow lives and works, it is basically a glimpse of the chaos that is Dash's lifestyle.

Words can't really describe how his work has influenced me.
They are often deem as low brow and unworthy or too hardcore to be displayed in galleries.
I can't say all his work is pure genius but it is just refreshing to see his ideas are so honest and he shows a lifestyle that most people will never experience so I guess that is what draws me to him as an artist.

RIP DASH SNOW. you will be missed.

Epicly Later'd made a splash page for Dash, this is for the side of Dash that most people will not get to see.


Backpack Dilemmassssss

I am a total sucker for editorials.
I was going through the Monster Children photo issue over the weekend. Then this one shot of a Burton camera backpack caught my eye. Which has indirectly prompted me to think about investing in a camera backpack (the thought has been with me subconsciously for a while now since my days of assisting)
It feels way more sensible to get a bag with proper compartments rather than lugging gear around in 2 soft cases in my skateboard backpacks.

More importantly it will just be a hell a lot easy to travel with all my gear without trying to travel lightly.
It will be nice to have all my lens rather than my light ones, which is what I tend to do.
So it is time for me to put on my thinking cap and see which one feels more comfortable.

I like the idea of the Burton bag, because most people don't know what I have in the bag.
Whereas with the Lowepro bag, most photographers that I have assisted for owns one because it can basically fit their life into it and it is very comfy and large. You kind of lose the mystery though with Lowepro, everyone knows you are a photog when you rock one of those and I am not sure how I feel about that....

decisions decisions...

This should be a pretty killer gig!

I was meant to see Ghostwood play last Friday but my state of health was not doing me any favours.
They just got back from the UK and I am keen to see what they have been up to.

Anyway what is better than having a show where you can see 2 bands that you are excited about?!

The Lost Valentinos will be playing at the Oxford Art Factory on the 1st Aug. Don't miss out - get yo tix HERE!

It should be a hell of a fun show with a good crowd.
I can't wait to hear the album when it drops.... hopefully I can get a copy before I hit the road.
My ears will need so much love to remind me of home and I can't wait to get some new sounds while I am in NYC too yesss!

Some old photos (you may or may not have seen) from the beach road hotel when I saw the Lost Valentinos and Ghostwood, both great bands to watch live.

How I miss thy health

WOW this photo is amazing and it feels like my chest at the moment.
It really hurts.
I haven't felt this bad in months and I haven't even been partying like a reckless teenager.
Deep down I knew I have been working like a mad man for months now and my body had been given me all kinds of shitty signs and I ought to listen to it once in a while and take a break.
My original plans of taking a week off did not actually happen as I had imagined. I just wanted to chill and skate...catch up on my many purchased zines and get some new books and draw a little you know?

So the weekend before last... right after I had checked out Black and Blue and dinner at Shakey's then I headed to the MJ party at Drummond's where I had sensibly left early trying to give my body a break. I was in bed by 12, I was sure I was ready to have a big weekend after that good night's rest.
I woke up on Saturday feeling woozy and before i knew it I had been in bed for 4 days and took the rest of the week off work.

Today I felt like my inbox just virtually attacked me..... how does one receive so many emails?!
I love not getting work emails, it is just blissful and missing out work is just painful to my eyes and my wallet bleergh.
Cough I beg you to leave me soon. x

So this is partly the reason I haven't been able to blog as much lately.
I really ought to try to catch up.
Stay in touch soon.


Ed Templeton via ESPN

I haven't been on Monster Children in ages but they sent out an email notifying me the photo issue will be released tomorrow @the MC Gallery so I jumped onto their site and had a play. From digging through the old posts, I discovered this lovely feature on Ed Templeton by ESPN. I had already read quite a lot about Ed and his art career. His books are pretty nice, they look like a home made zine in layout but the pages are printed on decent quality paper stock and binded properly so the aesthetic of a skate journal still resonates through his words and imagery. And of course Aaron Rose is also interviewed by ESPN and talks about Ed's journey into the fine art world from being a young pro to his reputation as an artist today. 

If you like skating and art culture, jump on to the ESPN page and listen to what Ed and his friends have to say about how he got to where he is today. It is thoroughly enjoyable. 

2-3-4D amazing works by Daniel Arsham

"Corner Knot" 2008: EPS, plaster, paint, joint compound: 18 x 64 x 20 in

Daniel Arsham's work is just really wonderful.
.... it is simply a visual delight.

Thinking about Suburbia

Suburbia by Bronek Kozka

I always enjoy a good piece of interview.
I stumbled across this interview with the Australian Photographer, Bronek Kozka.
His photos remind me of Gregory Crewdson's work, which is probably why I was so drawn to read more about him to begin with. 

His Suburbia series is really stunning and definitely shows a lot of experience using constant light to set his shots up. If you enjoy reading about how a photographer thinks and works, you can read the interview Here.