Does this look like....

Daryl Banks is a Canadian Photographer.
The Crinoline flowers series caught my eye, it really reminds me of Guy Bourdin's early product work but I suppose it is everywhere these days and it will continue to evolve for many years to come.
Daryl's folio is pretty sweet, I like how his work is presented and it makes me want to get a new website even more now....


I like empty spaces. 

Never too old to play with ponies

I love the pony art by Mari Kasurinen
She is an artist from Finland.
It is Pure genius and yes I like toys.

Out of Action.

Beat Poet is available @f-t
....as of tomorrow another internet distraction I may need to avoid (to save for travels)...

I haven't been very active on here. I have been socialising (birthday weekends), reading mags/books/web and working on photo projects. 

There are so much distraction in my so called rountine at the moment.
I can't help but keep on buying loads of zines and reading all kinds of books when I am not freelancing and scanning the web, which leaves me too  exhausted to do anything here. 

The last zine I bought was acne paper and it is so good....I still need to get the new Oyster too. Apparently the editorial spreads are amazing, that is the word on the street. Oh I also got a copy of Selector Mag, last week which is really nice for a free zine (thx to 2T for the tip - I skipped lunch to pick up a copy). 

From reading so many zines and scanning various corners of the web, makes me very distracted and the urge to splurge is sometimes all too great. Sometimes I think Google's contextual ad targeting is just a little too ingenius and borderline evil.

If I wasn't going to NY, I would so be here! OM DIET Butcher Slims.

Why do I always find things when I can least afford it.... damn you temptation. 
I actually don't feel the need to buy anything now days in shops but scanning the web has become a bit dangerous. 
Lucky for me, I am going through the uniform phase where minimalism reigns and im not after variety in my wardrobe... I am still thinking about finding an online clothes swap place. If you know of any decent ones, holler please! 

There are so many books I want to read still.... how am I going to find time to do everything.
These are 2 books high on my to read list.
Michael Fried - Why photography matters as Art as Never Before. - My friend who is currently studying at the SCA mentioned this title to me last week, I was immediately intrigued when he was referencing Jeff Wall for one of his essays. 
Oh I read this book about the Brooklyn Hiphop scene by Push a few weeks ago too and it really bought me to my love of hiphop again and my friend Radge recommended this title to me, it looks delicious as well. 

I think I am going to visit the library this week to see if I can find these titles =)


Nike Knows how to sell shit

I say that in a completely non jaded way.

So many brands try to be innovative and stay "cool" but lack the budget or courage to do something that people will actually care and talk about e.g. like I am now, I am obviously not paid by Nike to do this writing but for people who know or read my posts, they would probably know I really like unique sneakers (not all kinds, mostly Nike SBs that look good and skate functional) and of course skateboards.

The Nike SB Debacle film is now available for download/live stream for a month before the world wide release on DVD.

The genius thing is, the film is so chaotic that it is pretty much a perfect way for the new generation of Nike skaters and the skater heads on the web are all over it. Try to google it and you will see so many posts about the film already and it was officially launched yesterday.

The most entertaining thing for me when I watched it .....the footage has a lot of debacle (appropriate enough) - the end credits actually reveal, no real property was actually damaged so it was all part of the film, which is pretty sweet. The quality of the shots are really like a movie production from the multiple angles to the editting, it is a super tight film and be sure to WATCH IT BEFORE time runs OUT!!!!

Enjoy x

Hype + social chatter = new kicks

I don't get to check my feeds properly these days. So as a result, I find stuff like this. A reebok release that according to HypeBeast readers have been drawn comparison to the Yeezy's. I don't know the sneaker history well enough to comment but it is always interesting to see the comments on blogs about how kicks are perceived.

The Reebok Ex-O-Fit Hi 2009 is definitely a re-release for a 2009 exclusive push to the more fashion conscious crowds... so maybe that's why some kids think Reebok is biting Kanye. Either way, they are probably a little bit too Fresh for me to wear but interesting idea from Reebok.

I personally would prefer Juun J's collaboration with Reebok, if they were released again, I'd probably buy them.
Always nice to have a bit of a classic reinterpreted in one's wardrobe.


Trippyyyy Goodness and im a little obsessed

Simian Mobile Disco - Audacity of Huge from ISO FILMS on Vimeo.

Simian Mobile Disco have some pretty interesting ideas of using visuals to compliment their tracks.
I found this track via my friend Jess on tweets. I have been obsessed with it for a few weeks now.
The video is certainly not disappointing.
Kate Moross is certainly a master of trippy illusive graphics.
The production is so mesmerising. The transition of colours are just mind blowingly intricate and this is one of the finest video clips I had seen in a long time.

Directed by Kate Moross & Jo Apps
Art Director / Kate Moross
Editor / Jo Apps
Produced by Kate Moross & Jo Apps for ISO Films
First Assistant Director / Hans Lo
Director of Photography / David Procter
Camera Assist + Gaffer / Ryan Hopkinson
Tom Turley / Red Tech
Art Department / Jack Featherstone
Art Department Assist / Maddy Worthington
Animation / Rob Jones
Grade / Urban Ström
Stylist / Donna Rooney
Make Up / Gina Blondelle


For peeps who Love a Bargain!

I am officially out of cash (I got the 15" Macbook pro last night) until my next pay that is...
But if you like a good bargain to stock up your winter wardrobe. Yes Layers are very important.

The good folks at Little Hero are throwing a massive shindig next Wednesday so don't go spending all your cashola this weekend. With a massive list of good labels, there are bound to be something decent for you, so don't be late and be @ 485 Crown St Surry Hills next Wednesday July 1st y'all.


A chat with Yves Klein Blue

Photo by Cybele

I had the opportunity to chat to the Yves Klein Blue boys at the Dew Process office while they were doing a few shows promoting their new single and soon to be their first record "Rugged & Ecstatic".

I haven't seen them play in a while so it was a lovely time to catch up with them all on their touring adventures and where they have been for the last few months... oh also out of curiosity since Google couldn't help me.

I had asked the boys about how the band came together and what they were like when they were young.

Read the whole interview at
the Kluster blog. Enjoy.


Debt Chic

Robert Montgomery is wearing damir doma. photo via.

In the light of the current state of economic outlook. I think it is important to Buy Less but Spend More.
This is my logic
... Well it maybe irrational but it certainly makes a lot more sense in my mind. I am so wary of going to any form of sale these days and there are plenty to go to. (thx to friends who work in PR - I love you all dearly) During sales.. my mind always tends to get ultra impulsive. It certainly feels like a perfect excuse to buy more 'shit' that I don't really need but feel the urge to buy. (damn you human nature)

Before I fly away I think I ought to just be a complete minimal hobo - that is wear more or less a uniform on a daily basis and just layer up so it looks slightly different but it really isn't to the trained eye.

I sincerely believe spend more on clothes will make one feel more at ease with their wardrobe and more importantly too broke to buy 'shit' that you don't really need.
By the time I arrive HERE I am sure I will be maddddd BROKE!

If you are into clothes too but don't like mediocre stuff, go jump on F-T store - they have some great labels too.


Feeling Vampire-ishhhh

My jaw dropped when I came across this photo on my Facebook feeds.
It is so random and amazing at the same time.

My body is a little confused when I saw this photo but I still can't pinpoint why I feel that way... was it my late introduction to True Blood (it is true, I have not yet seen a full eposide) or the so amazingly styled looks from Nicole and Sussan?!
Either way, it is like a horrific car accident... I just can't stop looking at it.


Chronicles of Never

A few weekends ago.
My friend and I were doing a series of photos for Chronicles of Never as a personal project, which eventually turned into an eyewear series for the latest CON
BLIND SILENCE AUDIBLE VISION collaboration with Graz.
The photos that we had taken have now become the lookbook for the latest eyewear range, available in stores September 2009 I think, keep an eye out for them they are really good!.
It was a pretty exciting process and I am glad it is all finalised now.
Stylist: Lexie R
Model: Ronan.

Greg Williams is pretty gnarly

Greg Williams is pretty talented, his photos remind me of movie stills.
Have a look at his site, there isn't to say apart from the pictures speak for themselves.

Oh Mercy EP launch

Last Thursday Nicole invited me to see Oh Mercy.
I haven't seen them play before so that was pretty exciting.
Until I noticed there was 2 out of control aging moshers at the Hoey.

I can't describe the horror I was experiencing when they were trying to interact with the fellow fans during the gig.... words cannot describe how awkward the experience was.
Apparently one of them got on stage and started to sing with Oh Mercy during the set then the manager of the band promptly pulled her away, thank god I had to leave early.

Oh Mercy was very good though and I liked what I got to see.
Keep an eye out for their touring schedule.... if you like what you hear on their Myspace.

Paper Hearts

This is a film I got told from my friend Sarah.
We were just talking about how much the lead guitar player from Oh Mercy
reminded us of Michael Cera, not really in terms but just the way he was playing , perhaps it was the awkward body language groove he was oozing... anyway that was how the film trailer came up in our converation.

There is something really magnetic about Michael Cera's awkwardness, that makes it awkward enough to be entertaining and not awkward enough to be ouch!

I don't think there is a distributor for this film in Australia yet..... but I really hope someone will pick it up. It looks like an unusual indie that people can enjoy and there are loads of cameo appearances which is an interesting touch to see how friends help each other.

Where is the Web going to be?

The technology curiosity in me... always allows me to enjoy TED talks, whatever the topics maybe... they are usually very thought provoking. My friend alex just showed me this post which had a bit on Web 3.0. Where I found Lee Berners-Lee giving a talk at TED about the semantic web (data & the future of the web), basically the evolution of the Internet aka web 3.0 of what you want to call it.

There are some really interestng examples in the video, so if you are curious about technology and want to get some new ideas flowing in your head on how the Internet can evolve with us. Go click away, I promise it will be worth it.
ps. Lee is also a very smart dude, he is known to be the creator of the World Wide Web, so he definitely knows a thing or 2 about the web.


Complex x jakandjil

Photo via jakandjil
This is an old post but I really like the photo by jakandjil for complex geometries for the white tee project.
Shooting in such a harsh light can be so nice especially with white tops.

Excited by most random finds

I liked to browse for things Not knowing what to find but just the act of browsing is really nice I haven't seen my friend Lulu's blog in ages, since she has been in the UK for a while now.
Out of the blue, I decided to jump on to explore then I found this AMAZING photo.

It is one of those shots, probably taken from Jak and Jil but o lord, the Hiiiii tops....
I feel like I am looking at a candy shop and I really like loose fitting pants atm.

So naturally this is a double Win with this photo


Shinichi Maruyama

Shinichi Maruyama has a pretty amazing body of work.
I really like the
motion quality of the shots, they are so beautiful.
Check out his folio
, if you are feeling the vibe too.

Last Day Dream

Last Day Dream is a film by Chris Milk.
It is very short but so stunning.

The film was produced for the 42 second dream film festival in Beijing, China.
The Film synopsis read "a man watches his life pass before him"
This is one of those films that everyone could feel when they see it, as all we go through good and bad moments. The film will definitely end with a punchy conclusion - it is best to make use of every moment to the fullest.

Last Day Dream [HD] from Chris Milk on Vimeo.


Stay Close, I will never fail you.

My friend and superb fine artist Kevina-Jo will be having her solo show at Black and Blue Gallery tonight.
If you are around the neighbourhood, definitely swing by.
It should be a really good show.


If you like kicks too

via the sneakerlog
Apparently Alice thinks I am a mad sneaker head. Really I am not but I do enjoy looking at photos of sneakers every now and again. If you do too and you really like shoes you should check out the Sneakerlog.
It is way cleaner way to browse for shoes that you don't need. I am not responsible for your impulsive buys and x enjoy.


Filled with dreams

I have never seen Bruno Dayan's work before but I really like the direction of the photos.
The fashion series is so dramatic yet gentle.
If you are interested in Georges Antoni's work, you should definitely check out Bruno Dayan's folio.

Army of Colour

Oh Lissy

Really liking this tune at the moment. Decide for yourself....
More info on her myspace

Amazed by Space

Graphic by Luke's Beard via ArmyofColour
Lately I have been really intrigued by anything space related. Perhaps it has been influenced by my diverse reading habits, zines - books - web feeds.... filling up my mind with all kinds of new ideas.
The diversity of colours in all the space images are so captivating. Reminds me of Jonathan Zawada's work for Tina Kalivas campaign a few seasons back.... and it is very Trust Fun! as welll aesthetically but I can definitely appreciate the intricacy of their prints a lot more now seeing all these new imagery from the interwebs.

Also if you don't know Zawada, you can check out some of his work @his website or read this interview by Jeff Burch for NowNow, it is really good!
The video from Myspace had been removed from open browsing which is annoying.... damn technology sometimes.

Have you got cash to burn?

If you just got paid (hooray!) or you are currently beginning a detox....then this is a pretty sweet time to find new ways not to spend your cashola on alcohol and wake up with a chronic hang over for the lovely long weekend.

If you like pretty clothes at 75% off the usual retail rates then you are in luck!
China Heights will be holding a sale for the weekend at the gallery and there will be loads of stock to be squeezed into the space and the law of probability should give you a decent chance to find something your heart desires way cheaper than you anticipated, if you were to buy these goodies at lovely stores where each label is respectively stocked.

Happy Friday and have a splendid long weekend!


Yeezy madness

My mate Jules hooked this video up for me when we had coffee on Wednesday morning.
He just spent a few weeks in the states via route66 with his pops and this Yeezy madness had happened all over the world, The Yeezy Sydney Launch was pretty standard affairs held at Espionage @Darlinghurst.. Nothing too outrageous really,... pretty standard PR exercises were employed to build buzz around the shoe...exclusive release by Kanye - leak to blogs makes shoe attractive and lucky winners will get a chance to win the raffle = WIN for sneaker heads

Snobscrilla was also wearing a pair when I did a shoot with him, the Yeezy looked pretty cool but not really something I go crazy about (as Ash would say I would rather my dior homme minimal boots- amen Ash amen).... this clip by Kanye shows how the snkr frkrs can get in the US when the hype is all too much to handle.. The comments are just ridiculously hilarious =D

Waiting for Yeezys from kwest on Vimeo.

clip via. In my atmosphere

TK sounds like a cool dude

Followed up from my earlier post about my dilemma with the TK kicks.
My mate Shaun also a fellow skater/flash design extraordinaire reminded me of this video of Terry Kennedy talking about his shoe release on High Snobiety.
My Twitter feeds are getting out of control so I often miss out on good tweets, so thank you to all the peeps to bring me to the goodness via various channels on the interweb.

It is really interesting to hear Terry's ideas come to live with Supra, he has been a pro skater for a while and this shoe release sounds like a big project for him especially to the different groups of kids who are reaching out to get a pair, the sneaker culture never ceases to amaze me and how crazy some kids get.
Also his view on how reebok's ice cream skate range has influenced his view on the shoe release is also fascinating and Kanye's yeezy comparison was down right hilarious.
Oh I think I will go get a pair of the Supras now, a suede pair for skating and another pair of patents for chilling, thx Supra and TK!

video via complex


Pretty Ordinary but it is really good

I am really loving random objects reappropriated lately
Such as this idea by a submission on Threadless for a tee graphic made by candy.
I am not really a fan of graphic tees but that is a pretty sweet concept
This project "new york city garbage by justin gignac" is also amazing, and so simple but it shows presentation with garbage can totally be appealing.

Acne Studios

Ever wondered how Acne Denim was established and how it has become a creative collective?
Well wait no more...
Get an insight into the minds behind Acne Studio.

The interview is quite good via


Dazed x Lost Valentinos

Photo by Dave Ma (I think)
I found this via Ash. It is a pretty sweet feature on Dazed Digital about the Lost Valentinos, it gives you a better picture of how the band came together and evolved.
They sound like they have been doing quite well abroad and if you haven't seen them with their new songs, you should definitely catch a show when they return to Aus.
The Lost Valentinos is on Myspace.